Safe Sender

The domain that you should configure as 'safe sender' is

The email addresses you will most likely receive email from are Please replace "-at-" with "@" when entering the email addresses into your mail system.

For specific instructions for these providers, please visit the Safe Senders web-site using the links below

Mail for MAC

  • Open Address Book from the Launchpad, Dock, or from the Applications folder
  • Click the Add (+) button below the contacts list to create a new contact card
  • Enter Sender Name: Speed Chills
  • Enter email addresses: (replacing "-at-" with "@")
  • Select Done or choose Save from the File menu (or press Command-S)

AOL or AIM Mail

  • In the left panel, click Contacts
  • Above your list of contacts, click the + New drop-down menus, and then click New Contact
  • Next to 'Contact Name', in the First Name and Last Name fields, type the first name Speed and last name Chills
  • Enter as the email address for the contact (replacing "-at-" with "@")
  • At the top, above 'New Contact', click the Create button