Why You Should Be Excited for Le Mans 2013

It’s been quite a busy year for all of us fans of endurance. Back at the start of 2012 there’d been massive change in all quarters; Peugeot’s disappointing exit, boardroom machinations, financial problems dogging some legendary teams. But thanks to the reintroduction of some proper structure in our sport in the form of the World Endurance Championship, we saw a small glimpse of a possible return to the glory days for sports cars going the distance.


Toyota’s triumphant return, massive, Batman inspired innovation in the Deltawing and a thrilling episode of day-long madness in the middle of France have reignited a bit of the old petrolhead passion, despite another disappointingly brilliant performance from the same old four-ringed Germans.

It got even better after Le Mans too. Toyota miraculously picked us up from where Peugeot left us, taking the victories at Sao Paolo, Fuji and Shanghai. LMP2 and the GTE classes stayed competitive for the entire season, and we kept receiving news of global players throwing their weight behind the resurgent series.

But that’s last year, it’s in the past, consigned to the archives. The World Endurance Championship has exceeded expectation in its inaugural year, so logic dictates that Le Mans 2013 will be even more exciting, competitive and adrenaline fuelled. Why? I’ll tell you.

Firstly, Le Mans 2012 was promising but lacked for any non-Audi based competition. It was exciting, yes; no Le Mans is ever dull, but there’s only so much noise a crowd can raise when the people vying for the lead are tucking into sauerkraut next to each other on the pitwall.

Enter Toyota. Okay, their Le Mans wasn’t that successful (except for some brief camera time when Ant Davidson got bored of gravity) but it gave us an inkling of what was possible. After the 24 hours they took that glimmer back to their Cologne base and turned it into a quick, reliable heavyweight contender.


In fact, when you realise that the Japanese outfit only started competing in the WEC at Le Mans, you can see that they ended up neck and neck with Audi for victories. Skip ahead to the 22nd June next year and we could be seeing one of those brilliant, classic battles for the 24 hours.

Secondly: it’s alive! The World Endurance Championship, our great hope for a return to the glory days of Group C thrills, wasn’t just successful; it was brilliant. We know it was a walkover for Audi in the end, but in 2013 all of those little kinks will be ironed out.

We’ll have an actual competition at the front for starters, so a victory at Le Mans will mean twice as much for all of the teams. Add to this the fact that they’ve sorted out the dates of the races (in 2012 the first four races were spread over six months, the second four spread over two) and we’ve got a more balanced, easier to follow and more exciting sport.

Lastly; you lot. Every year we’re blown away by the atmosphere that you create, and 2013 is looking like it’s going to be even bigger and better than before. It’s the only way to truly experience the thrills of Le Mans; soaking in the atmosphere, seeing the cars fly by and inhaling the smells of petrol and rubber.

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If you’re also into your MotoGP then you won’t want to miss the Monster Energy Grand Prix de France at the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit on the 19th May. Always one of the most popular Grands Prix on the MotoGP circuit, it’s dominated by first gear corners that encourage late breaking and heavy acceleration. It always makes for a great race, and you can take the hassle out of seeing it happen by letting us sort it all out for you!