We Check Out This Year's LM24 Concert Acts

The Le Mans concerts are a traditional (or traditionally bizarre) feature of the 24 Hours, but every year we turn up and wonder who the hell that is on the stage and why the hell they’ve called themselves that? Every now and then there’s an absolute cracker (The Stranglers come to mind) but normally they’re unheard-ofs strumming away nervously.

Le Mans gig

This year we thought we’d do our research first; a kind of public service. So we’ve trawled through each act’s online offerings, selected the best (or weirdest) ones and stuck them all on this here page. Read on to find out who’s surprisingly brilliant, who sounds like the wrong gender and who definitely isn’t actual Earth, Wind and Fire. Plus there’s a Speed Chills exclusive addition at the end...


20.00 - Sharon and Tracy

When you consider that they’re an all-male four piece from Le Mans we think Sharon and Tracy are a strong contender for weirdest LM band name 2013. They sound ok though, apparently straddling rock, new wave and ‘noisy pop’, which we much prefer to that awful ‘quiet pop’ that we hear all the time... might be worth a look in.

21.00 - Puggy

It wouldn’t be Le Mans without at least one ridiculous band name; last year’s Shaka Plonk and Pony Pony Run Run are still the ones to beat but Puggy are representing for 2013. Formed of an Englishman, a Frenchman and a Swede, they’ve described themselves as being at the crossroads of pop, rock and diverse world music which I imagine is good if that’s your cup of tea. You never know, it might be worth having a look before Wednesday’s night qualy takes off, if only so you can wonder about their name. Really... Puggy?


20.00 - Jack & Lumber

Apart from sleeping all night and working all day, Jack & Lumber spend their time being wistful and strumming at their guitars with faraway looks in their eyes (we imagine). They’ll be peddling their ‘unique’ brand of folk during Thursday’s first qualy session, so it might be fun just to see how much they struggle to be wistful over the top of a Viper V10.

21.00 - Asaf Avidan

Hailing from Israel and sounding a bit like a wishy-washy Adele on helium, Asaf Avidan is actually a bloke. But fear not, because if Youtube is anything to go by he’ll be accompanied by a harem of ladies floating around, shaking tambourines and hitting bits of wood with sticks; it’s all a bit futuristic and free love-ey. Apparently he’s been compared to Janis Joplin and ‘oscillates between blues, rock and folk’; we might ‘oscillate’ our way to the bar instead.


20.00 - Big Wireman

Local one man band extraordinaire (we think, if we translated it right), Big Wireman will be teaming up with his good friend ‘White Cigar Boy’ for his LM24 gig on Saturday. Underage smoking references aside, we think he’s got a bit of an Elvis impersonator vibe deep down among his weird screaming. He’s probably a bit of an old dude.

21.00 - Dallas Frasca

Punkish Aussie rockers Dallas Frasca (humbly named after the lead singer) are maybe the most promising of all the acts at Le Mans this year. It’s all dyed hair, big beards and angry drumming, but with their bizarrely countryish vocals and distorted, riffy sound they actually got us nodding along and doing those rams horns things with our hands that rock people do. Also they have a moody, brooding song about Burnt Toast, which is totally relatable. Burnt toast can go to hell, man.

22.00 - Not Earth, Wind and Fire

Ok, that’s not the act’s actual name but we’ll be forgiven for thinking so after the EW&F debacle that happened earlier in the year. It’s actually a tribute band featuring Al McKay, who was actually one of the major players in the proper EW&F for seven years but is now on the list of former members... along with 38 other people. The official LM24 website promises us sequined outfits so it can’t all be bad, but we’re not quite ready to forgive them for not getting the actual Earth, Wind and Fire along. Our suggestion is to take a beer with you and pretend they’re not just an experience; surely September and Boogie Wonderland will sound the same after a couple?

So that’s all of the official LM24 bands. But because Speed Chills knows that beer and bites go so well with beats we’ve got you covered music wise: JAG and Jamie B are back this year and they’re ready to raise the Members’ Club roof once again. Check them out by clicking on their pictures below to see why the Speed Chills party will be utterly superior to the free-for-all happening behind the Dunlop Bridge. We’ll see you at Le Mans.