Views in Brief: 6h COTA Day 1

The WEC went green for the first time in three months today as practice kicked for Saturday's 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas. Here’s what we managed to glean on day one:

IMG 8050

Audi look good, very good.

It was to be expected from the team who always quietly assert their dominance later in the season but it looks like they might have outdone even themselves.

That said, Porsche haven’t been idle either. Their pace was roughly half a second off their German counterparts’ but we can’t be sure how much of their hand they were showing. Also they sound like fighter jets under braking regeneration and this please us.

Toyota had a bit of an off session with steady times and a brief stint of Ant Davidson sitting stalled at pit exit. But considering how good they’ve been so far this season we expect them to be challenging come Saturday.

P2 is looking rather juicy with one-off entrants Extreme Speed Motorsports running a good chunk quicker than the rest of the 5-car field. The shiny new G-Drive Ligier also looks handy but the three Orecas - one for KCMG and two for SMP Racing - didn’t impress.

The GT ranks were topped by Aston Martin Racing with the Turner/Muecke car heading the Pros and the ‘Dane Train’ #95 leading the Ams. However considering how much glorious noise the Corvette made the blue and orange Brits weren’t the centre of attention.

Lotus made a steady start on their debut, putting in a few installation laps and taking stock of their pace. They ended the first session just behind the P2s which indicates that they’re being fairly sensible - good news for the LMP1-L stakes.

Finally, the pit wall is causing something of a hilarious problem. When Toyota had to come in to change a nose cone (nothing serious we believe) their mechanics had a good old time trying to slot it between the TUSCC’s pit tents. The wall will be taken down between races on Saturday but until then the WEC will just have to deal with it. Somebody call the Chuckle Brothers.