Multi-marque Club Display

For many visitors to the Le Mans Classic, the time spent wandering amongst the thousands of treasured classic and exotic cars in the clubs display is the highlight of their weekend. Our multi-marque club display allows you to become part of that experience.

We discounts to those agreeing to display their car in the Speed Chills multi-marque area in the middle of the circuit; to qualify, vehicles must be pre-1966 or listed on the official "Happy Few" list.

This video from the organisers of the event captures the atmosphere and passion surrounding the clubs and private owners display.

Video Credits: Peter Auto

For more information please download our BROCHURE. Call us on 01494 211024 to book at our "Happy Few" prices. PLEASE NOTE - cars for display must be in good condition. We will ask for recent photographs of the vehicle before confirming discounts.